Frontside is Canada’s leading service provider for UK Artists, Labels and Managers. Our intimate knowledge of the UK market and London satellite office make us the first call for anyone looking to market a UK artist in Canada.

While many US & UK based labels operate inside Canada, they do so often at arms length often not realising potential and opportunity. Their home territories are simply too all consuming for them to truly focus on Canada (whose population includes 25% Francophones) but can offer significant rewards as seen in the frequency UK acts tour through key Canadian markets.

Just as Germany, Spain and France have notable differences in the way artists are marketed, discovered and remunerated, Canada shows differences when compared to the USA and UK markets.

Frontside offers our UK clients several different options from full-service marketing to a la carte services like Commercial and College Radio, Publicity, Street & Lifestyle Marketing, Tour Marketing, Online Marketing, Product Management and just about anything else you need to be successful within Canada.

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