ONErpm College Radio “Extended” Campaign

(Campaign Payment at the Bottom)

College Radio has always been a vital outlet for up-and-coming and left-of-center artists to receive exposure with their music. The most compelling part of the format is that stations add and play music based purely on its merit. No focus groups, no audience testing, no outside gatekeepers. If they like the music, they will play it. In that regard, promoting music to these formats is the perfect foundation to build a project upon. Programmers are constantly looking for new music and they are inclined to give honest and prompt feedback which can be incredibly helpful.


We offer a guaranteed 4-weeks of promotion for a College Radio campaign. We ‘hand-select’ the best stations to target for a campaign based on the sound of the artist and the sound and the size of each station. We will cover as many reporting NACC stations as possible to maximize exposure and chart performance.

All records are serviced digitally via the (MMD) platform and we ensure that all titles are listed in the NACC “Going For Adds” database. During the campaign we follow up with music directors via our email blasts and weekly phone calls. We lean heavily on the importance of having a consistent flow of new information throughout our outreach. Being able to show positive momentum is key to convincing radio to step out and take a chance on a song. Airplay takes time to build and it requires patience, persistence, and diligence from all involved. Key press, video content, sessions, and streaming growth are items that we like to share with radio as frequently as possible.


Frontside will provide with weekly reports on the EP or album at the format(s). If it makes sense based on timing, we can incorporate a singles campaign ahead of the album release. Reports include a weekly update on chart numbers and adds.

PRICE : $1000 USD

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