Founded in 2003 by Gary McDonald and Geoff Goddard, Frontside Group has become Canada’s most successful music promotion firm. Frontside is headquartered in Vancouver, with satellite offices in New York City, Calgary, Toronto, operating a full staff with members who specialize in radio promotion, streaming promotion, artist development, research and analysis.


Gary McDonald (left), Managing Partner and V.P. Promotion, has worked in National Radio Promotion since 1999 and was a founding partner of Frontside in 2003. Gary (an avid NY Yankees fan) primarily works out of Frontside’s NYC office, but is often travelling within Canada.

Geoff Goddard (right), Managing Partner, co-founded Frontside. Coming from an A&R and Label background, Geoff co-founded Frontside in 2003. He has built extensive relationships within the North American and UK music communities. His broad understanding of where music fits within radio ensures that client’s campaigns will be set up to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Our offices are located in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and London (UK)

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